New Gear Keeper® Combo Mount Sidearm Tether In Coyote

Providing Tactical Users with Multiple Color and MOLLE Mount Configurations for Keeping Firearms Safe and Ready for Action

Gear Keeper® understands when you are part of a law enforcement or military tactical unit the difference is oftentimes in the details. Gear Keeper gets it right with its Combo Mount Sidearm Tether now offered in coyote, in addition to the already popular black. The new color option combined with the two included MOLLE attachment configurations provides tactical users with the versatility required for keeping firearms safe and ready by their side.

High functionality and safety is priceless when lives are on the line, and that is why the design team at Gear Keeper took special care to add all the diversity you could possibly need when it came to the company’s Combo Mount Sidearm Tether. Featuring the combo MOLLE Mount System, users may utilize either of the two included mounting options: 360° Rotating MOLLE Mount or a Velcro Strap MOLLE Mount, to have the most suitable mounting configuration for his/her kit.

The 360° Rotating MOLLE Mount is slim and compact in design providing a streamlined profile that won’t snag and works to minimize your firearm’s movement. It’s ability to rotate 360° means you can pull your weapon in any direction off your body for use, and with minimal resistance, maximizing the overall life of the line. The Velcro Strap MOLLE Mount is ideal for attaching your weapon to either your MOLLE System or your gun belt. It allows your weapon to pivot up and down with minimal resistance while working to maximize the life of the system’s line.

The tether itself features Gear Keeper’s RT4 Low Force Model, which allows a sidearm to hit the ground, but remain tethered and snag-free. This 36-inch extension system puts very little tension (a mere 3 oz. retraction force) on the sidearm and is preferred by shooters who want to carry their sidearms for long periods of time. The unit is ruggedly designed with a Spectra/Nylon line and a strong 60lb break strength. It is paired with a patented salt-water proof flushing system. The line also attaches to a Q/C Connector System that provides for quick and easy connection/disconnection of your firearm.

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