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Gear Keeper Retractor Systems have been designed for use in Salt Water environments.

To extend retractor life in salt water environments, we recommend rinsing the unit after each use. This will prevent the formation of salt crystals on the metal components.

Gear Keeper Retractors Systems are designed with a patented flushing system that allows for easy cleaning as well as removing sand and debris during normal use.

Manual Flushing Instructions

Operate unit in fresh water (extending and retracting) for 5 to 10 cycles.

If unit is packed with sand or debris, submerge unit in fresh water with line facing upward. Allow unit to fill with fresh water and then invert unit and operate rapidly 5-10 times.  Repeat until unit operates smoothly.

The Threaded Stud Mounting System is a Stainless Steel thumb screw with a point that is designed to penetrate material/pockets, straps and webbing.  Threaded Stud screws into the brass insert in the back of the Gear Keeper retractor.

Note: for fire turnout installation, we recommend tabs, flaps and pockets.  It is important not to penetrate the vapor barrier as per NFPA standards.