Best way to secure and use a Heavier Flashlight or Camera while diving – Flashlight is easy to find, easy to use… Does not inhibit your hands like a wrist lanyard… Does not drag and dangle like a coiled lanyard

  • Includes all of the Gear Keeper special features of Stainless Steel spring and hardware, Patented flushing system for easy cleaning, Exclusive Spectra/Nylon line for long life and QC disconnect system for easy gear attachment
  • Proper retraction force is essential for flashlight applications… too much force for heavy lights and cameras will fatigue the user over the course of a dive.
  • Locking mechanism is designed for securing light on land…when diving, unlock unit and the moderate 12 oz retraction force will easily secure a flashlight or camera.
  • Long 42″ extension provides full arms reach independent of where the retractor is mounted.

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