The original SCUBA retractor developed to be durable and withstand the saltwater Environment...developed by SCUBA divers for SCUBA divers


When scuba diving, there’s a lot to consider while underwater including conditions, currents and more — and it can be a stressful environment. Add an equipment malfunction, and your stress level can rise quickly, making the dive less safe and enjoyable.  Having your gear organized and ready for use is a good way to minimize that stress. Whether you’re hunting for lobster or sight-seeing, utilizing reliable Gear Keeper retractors to securely fasten your flashlights, consoles, cameras and more while diving will ensure your gear is always accessible and ready for use underwater.

Thanks to Gear Keeper’s Quick Disconnect system, the retractor can be mounted in a pocket or on a BC, while gear can remain separate. Once all heavy diving equipment is on, divers can then clip in each piece of gear separately, eliminating the scenario of dangling attachments while trying to get a heavy tank on. Gear Keeper offers multiple attachments and mounting systems to work individually with flashlights, consoles, cameras and more. In fact, each Gear Keeper is intentionally application-specific in design, ensuring the appropriate mount, retraction force and extensions needed for the piece of gear are accounted for.

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